Private label dog treats that you can customize. Private label dog jerky and private label cbd dog treats. Our dog supplements can be made to a custom blend that is your formula or you can take a few of our over 1,880 dog supplement formulas and mix to make something super special.  Always cold extruded nutritional and beneficial dog treats that help put the life back in the pet. We are not a broker, but the actual manufacturer in our 60,000 plant here in Florida. We produce a high quality, high margin product that has solid following of repeat buyers for you. 

Welcome to the best private label dog treats you can have made for you to your specification. Cold extruded and all natural dog treats with a variety of supplements.  Never a chemical, and all natural and organic plus vegan private label dog treats to make a even greater fun interactive treat. Want hemp in you private label dog treat or maybe legal CBD in your private label dog treat or private label dog jerky, yes! Zero THC CBD for dogs in treats, jerky, and oil food toppers. Looking to make a private label salmon dog treat got it, and want to make it even more beneficial, let's add hemp oil to it. Need a private label dog probiotic treat or hip and joint coq10 dog treat, we got ya.  

We produce even small production test market runs of only 300 pounds of material and can scale up to your needs. Our goal four weeks from graphics, and we can do those too. Plus, all of your packaging is included, so never a surprise to your budget. Also your private label dog treat will come in on budget and never will you  be a hostage to the manufacturer like we often hear about. The price is the price. Need Amazon consulting or social media we have a complete professional in house person that takes small new sellers and can push them the $11,000 a month or more in less than a year depending on how motivated your are. 

As the manufacturer we are hear to listen, design and build your business as your partner. We ship world wide and service big and small customers world wide. 

Private Label Dog CBD

Private Label Dog Supplements

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Private Label Dog Probiotics

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