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World wide shipping to any Amazon DC FBA in any market place today or tomorrow. Grow your business and we will grow with you as you expand your opportunities.  Amazon is a global opportunity to be as big as you want or as small.

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Questions? Ideas about a private label dog supplement or private label dog probiotic, need a consultant on your team?  We can help. We consult in various categories world wide. If you need products or want to resell ours we are all in. You can even find us on with some very creative people and companies that we have made private label pet and custom dog products for that are very very successful. Our idea cup is running over. Send us a note so we can start a discussion.                                                     


                           We now have 8 #1 products with 6 USA Amazon Sellers from the UK, USA, Dubai.

                   No matter where you live we can produce and deliver you into a Amazon FBA DC worldwide.

 Can your manufacturer say that? Prove it, and then deliver, and do it? We have, and can show you on Amazon.    

                  Over 25 different products made to order, no custom product or development fees.

                                   5 products now approaching or passing $1,000,000 in revenue for our sellers.


    Idea to Opportunity in 45 days! Real pet supplement products you can take to the bank! We speak Amazon!

 Sign up and check out our private label dog supplement catalog for a lot of great unique and first to market ingredients. You decide the formula or let's discuss the trends and where the market is going and growing. Private label pet supplements for dogs, cats, small pets and horses with or without probiotics in dry powder form that are orderless and tasteless, plus no refrigeration is required. Private label pet supplements without the potential for choking as with hard chewables and tablets. Our soft chew private label pet treats can be loaded with pet supplements or pet probiotics and never flavor refusal issues. Private label pet supplements increase your brand and profit. All furry people are different to taste just like humans, so why lose your investment with a unproven flavor or delivery method that requires chasing, holding, and grabbing the pet, that causes frustrations and lots of product returns, ouch!

   All products are natural, holistic and never a chemical, plus pet invisible for perfect pet acceptance.

We specialize in small minimum product test market launches of 400 units MOQ. Please email or call for details.

We can run as much as 300,000 units in 3 weeks on one production line for volume and ship worldwide.


Test market production helps you get to market without a very large and risky investment. We will give you guidance and if your idea or budget will not support a full roll out, we are here to consult with you and not let you make a mistake that can be painful. Our relationship is more than money....                           

                                                           We believe your success assures ours!

Helping you to be successful and profitable fast is both of our business!
                               Idea to Opportunity in 45 days.                                             


               Amazon monthly shipments on average are 4,800 to 10,000 + pieces a month.

        We are the largest private label pet probiotics supplier and private label pet supplements 

                           supplier to Amazon FBA DC's World Wide. Why? We speak Amazon.

                       No one else knows the Amazonian jungle like we do, it's our duty to know.



We specialize in private label dog supplements, private label dog probiotic supplements and private label dog treats with supplements that dogs love. Private label dog cbd and hemp is a great benefit for dogs and even people modern science is showing. You can also have private label dog salmon oil custom tailored to your specifications with hemp oil or cbd if you want. Private label dog cbd calming treats and private label k9 supplements to target a benefit for all furry people. We can make various custom private label dog supplements just for you that no one else has or can develop due to our exclusive ingredients. Custom private label dog supplements without the extra development cost which gives you a very competitive edge instead of selling the same old products our competitors sell to everyone, everyday of the week reducing your profit opportunities. We are not a broker. we make everything in the USA in our facilities with our formulas. Private label dog probiotics, private label dog hip and joint supplements. We carry and stock plenty of private label dog supplements to propel your brand such as CoQ10, glucosamine, hemp, cbd, green lip mussel, Organic green algae, Omega 3, pet vitamins, Kona Berries, and much for your private label dog, cat, pet brand. Our private label dog supplements are unique and delivered in the following form factors, food spray supplements, private label dog treats, food toppers, and private label dog salmon oil and cbd. Our catalog of over 1,880 formulas allows you to not be selling the same as everyone else, and we are the private label dog supplement manufacturer. Do not forget we manufacture very creative all natural private label pet supplement powders, treats and private label dog hemp cbd treats. No tablets, no pills, no choking, no chasing! Simple, easy, delivery methods, that separate you from the pack of sellers you compete against. Our products are all natural, and pet invisible.




     Unique private label dog supplements, to fit your unique selling opportunity. No development or formulation fees!


Need a private label dog treat or private label dog hip joint treat or supplement with CoQ10, turmeric, glucosamine, chondroitin, msm, and maybe black pepper? Maybe you want a blended private label dog supplement that is your private label dog supplement creation. Private label dog probiotics with various CFU's and you can add a supplement twist. Add our exclusive Organic Above Sea Coral Calcium with 74 natural minerals, or go further than the competition and add our Organic Icelandic Green Algae Ocean Kelp that has 6 vitamins, 20 minerals, and 18 amino acids. We even now have Hawaiian Kona Berries for dog antioxidant powders. All kinds of private label pet supplements. Combine both probiotics and supplements to excel your market opportunities. We have even more great ingredients in our catalog. Our private label pet supplement catalog is free just by signing up. We have the license agreements in place that others cannot provide you and the Certificates of Analysis that make your private label pet supplement truly your formula. All natural, and with powerful results and pet invisible. Have an idea for a truly market changing private label dog supplement? Need to make something just a bit different, or duplicate a product in the market we can make it your private label pet supplement easily and quickly. We have 42 pet probiotics and we can make you a truly special market changing private label pet probiotic or private label pet supplement, you decide.

Private Label Salmon Oil
Private label dog cbd hemp

 Congrats to our six+ customers that have now won 8 coveted

#1 ribbon on Amazon in pet categories! No other can deliver this!

Take the risk out of your private label pet supplement investment and development with us guiding you through the process. Learn about us and we will get you to market quick, on budget, and without pain and suffering. Going to Amazon? It is a jungle out there. Doing a retail launch we know this and are going into some very large retailers shortly, so we can get you started there as well. Private label pet supplements for dogs, cats, small pets, and even horses.


        Largest Private label dog supplement and private label pet probiotics supplier to Amazon FBA DC's in North America.

                                                      We ship world wide!

Announcing our own in house label, packaging and development team to speed you to market.

After hearing and seeing all the anguish our buyers were having with label and other marketing materials we decided to take the pain out of private label product development. We decided to invest and brought it all in house with an award winning designer and team that can really speed you to market, and take the pain out of creating anything you desire. We now have a team in place to design your labels, 3D rendering, product photography, infographics, packaging and inserts. Anything you need. This accelerates your project, and means you have one focal point, with the same goal. We can cut off as much as two weeks in delivering your private label pet supplement to market. Now you can be selling easier, better, and more profitably, plus faster than ever to market. We even have a Amazon DC twenty minutes from us, now that is exciting.

           Turn Key Private label dog supplements! One buy, one place, one goal, You.

Private label pet supplements| rivate label dog supplements




Private label pet supplements.


Private label

pet probiotics.


Wet or Dry Formula.


  Private Label Pet Supplements

Wholesale & Manufacturing.


Private label dog supplements| private label pet supplements| pet dog private label supplements

     Amazon FBA FBM Supply Chain & Selling Experts!






Go to Amazon with us, and we will get you selling quickly and easily. We even have our own paid Amazon Professional Consultants you can use, proven big gun sellers. We offer private consulting services to help you make it online or on Amazon. Some of our customers are very profitable online sellers. Not only on Amazon moving thousands of our and other products monthly but inside their own online stores.

We are growing out across Amazon, UK, Germany, Japan, Australia, Asia, and online

across the world in e commerce and Amazon FBA

private label dog supplements| private label dog probiotics
Private label dog supplements| dog private label dog probiotics| private label k9 supplements

Send us a message and get the answers you need.

Private Label Dog Joint Supplements

with glucosamine, chondroitin, msm curcumin, Organic Icelandic Kelp Algae, Hawaiian Kona Berries, Organic and many more ingredients.

Private label dog nutritional dog treats with various pet supplements for all kinds of various benefits.

private lable dog probiotics supplements
private label dog supplements| private label dog probiotics

Fastest Growing Fastest Selling Private Label Pet Probiotic Stop Itching Spray on Amazon

private label dog probiotics| private label dog supplements

Private Label Dog Supplements

for all sizes and kinds of pets.

Private label pet supplements| pet dog private label dog supplements| pet dog private label supplements| pet supplements
Private label dog supplements

World wide shipping to any Amazon DC FBA in any market place today or tomorrow. Grow your business and we will grow with you as you expand your opportunities.  Amazon is a global opportunity to be as big as you want or as small.

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Wholesale Private Label Dog Supplements with FDA approved dog and cat probiotics from

50M CFU up to 300B CFU. Our organic above sea coral calcium has 74 natural earth minerals and is 99% soluble, meaning the benefits are retained by the pet.


Private label pet supplements tailor with Probiotics, Glucosamine MSM, and non shark Chrondrotin, Organic Icelandic green algae kelp packed with nutrition. All meeting Amazons requirements. If your are selling on Amazon you will need proof that your products meet the requirements or your products could be pulled or worst dumped!


                              100% All Natural. 100% Pet Invisible.

No chasing, No smell, No choking, No nasty flavor, No angry owners, leaving bad reviews!

             Spray in or Stir & mix in, serve, done! No pills, tablets, no pill pockets, no issues!

Private label pet supplements| dog private label dog supplements| private label dog supplements
privatlabe dog treats
Why we are YOUR BEST INVESTMENT to your Private Label Selling!

We specialize in private label dog treats, private label dog probiotics, and private label pet supplements, that are healthy, natural, no choking, great for little dogs and big dogs. Our private label dog treat supplements can be laser focused to    serve up probiotics, digestion issues, glucosaimne, hip and joint, flea deterrent, vision health, fur and coat, and more.

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